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More than a century ago, a new sports league formed in North America. Little did anyone know then that the National Hockey League would almost die – and then come roaring back, growing into one of the most exciting athletic organization on the planet. Since its inception, the NHL has featured one crazy season after another, giving rise to sports icons known around the world. In this icy quiz, what do you really know about the National Hockey League?

The NFL, MLB and NBA are the continent’s other three major sports leagues, and all of them have a distinctly American bent. The NHL, however, has often been dominated by Canadians, who use a popular youth hockey culture to grow some of the best players in history. What do you know about Canada’s role in the league’s development?

It’s no surprise, then, that some of the NHL’s biggest stars have Canadian roots. Guys like Wayne Gretsky and Gordie Howe were both from Canada, and they reeled in one championship after another. Can you recall other professional greats? And do you think you know the difference between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Montreal Canadiens?

Drop your gloves and take up the fight of this puck-filled quiz now! Let’s find out if you’re an NHL star, or whether you should just stay in the penalty box.

How many teams are there in the NHL?

At its very beginning, the NHL had just five teams. After several rounds of expansion, there are now 31 teams.


Where was the NHL founded?

The NHL's origins are Canadian, through and through. The league was founded in Montreal in 1917.


What's the ultimate trophy in the NHL?

The Stanley Cup is the Lombardi Trophy of the NHL. It's the league's championship award.


Of the NHL's 31 teams, _____ clubs are based in Canada.

It's a distinctively Canadian league, but most modern teams are now based in the U.S. Just seven teams are located in Canada.


Which team won the 2018 Stanley Cup?

In their 44th season, the Washington Capitals finally won their first Stanley Cup. They put down an upstart team from Las Vegas, four games to one.


Which NHL player was nicknamed "The Great One"?

With his six-foot frame, blond hair, and devastating offensive attacks, Wayne Gretszky was "The Great One." He's the sport's Michael Jordan and Joe Montana rolled into one.


The NHL is divided into two divisions called the ______ conferences.

In 1926, NHL officials decided to split the league into two conferences. And since then, the Eastern and Western conferences have dictated scheduling and playoff matchups.


Who is "Mr. Hockey"?

He was a Canandian icon and one of the best ever to play the game -- Gordie Howe. Four times, he led the Detroit Red Wings to Stanley Cup triumphs.


The 2018 Las Vegas Golden Knights made it to the 2018 Finals. What was special about this team?

The Knights were a crazy statistical aberration. In the team's inaugural season, the Knights made it all the way to the NHL Finals -- a feat that some teams have been trying to do in vain for decades.


The Hart Trophy is awarded for what reason?

Second to the Stanley Cup, the Hart Trophy is a coveted NHL prize. Each year, the Hart is awarded to the league's most valuable player.


What team has more Stanley Cups than any other?

No other team has (historically) dominated the NHL quite like the Montreal Canadiens. They have 24 titles to their credit since 1916.


The Toronto Maple Leafs are part of which division?

There are four divisions in the NHL. The Toronto Maple Leafs are members of the Atlantic Division.


Which U.S.-based team has won more NHL championships than any other American team?

Found in 1926, the Detroit Red Wings are hockey royalty. They've won the Stanley Cup 11 times.


How is the NHL championship decided?

The NHL championship series is a best-of-seven affair. The '98 Red Wings were the last team to sweep the series, 4-0.


Wayne Gretzky is the only player ever to score more than ____ points in a single season.

No other NHL player has ever scored 200 points in a season. Gretzky? He's done it four times. Points are awarded for goals and assists, so the totals here are higher than the goal totals.


How do players win the Art Ross Trophy?

Each year, the Art Ross Trophy is awarded to the player who scores the most points during the regular season. In 2007, Sidney Crosby won the Art Ross at age 19, becoming the youngest player ever to accomplish that feat.


Alexander Ovechkin won the Hart Trophy as a member of which team?

Drafted at the first slot in 2004, Alexander Ovechkin has turned into one of the NHL's biggest stars. In 2007-08, he picked up his first Hart Trophy … and it would not be the last.


How many times in his career did Wayne Gretzky score more than 90 goals in a single season?

The Great One's offensive outbursts were nothing short of legendary. He once scored more than 90 goals in a season, and he might be the only player ever to reach that incredible apex.


What's one of Mario Lemieux's most notable traits?

Mario Lemieux might as well be playing in the NBA -- he's 6 feet, 4 inches tall. But in spite of his large size, he plays with incredible agility and speed.


When was the last time the Montreal Canadiens won the NHL title?

After decades of incredible success in which they won dozens of titles, the Canadiens are mired in a terrible drought. The team hasn't won the Finals since 1993.


What is NOT one of the NHL's divisions?

There's no Midwest Division in the NHL. The divisions are: Atlantic, Metropolitan, Central and Pacific.


What was Wayne Gretzky's perspective on fighting during hockey games?

In a sport that's known for violent fisticuffs, Gretzky was a voice of peace. He'd rather see games decided by shotmaking than haymakers.


During WWII, the NHL shrunk to ____ teams.

During the Great Depression and WWII, hockey's popularity plunged. The league dwindled to just six teams, and that number remained static until 1967.


Why were the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals canceled?

The 1919 Finals were canceled after four games. Why? Because the horrifying Spanish Flu pandemic was killing millions of people. Several players were sickened, and one died.


In 1948, what was special about Larry Kwong?

Until 1948, hockey was a whites-only sport. Larry Kwong, of Asian descent, smashed the color barrier. One of his nicknames was "China Clipper."


Which of the following teams is NOT one of the NHL's "Original Six" teams?

The Kings are a 1967 expansion team, and thus, not one of the Original Six. The Original Six are the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs.


Wayne Gretzky ended his career with which team?

Gretzky bounced around a bit after his glory days in L.A. He was traded to St. Louis for a year and then ended his run with the New York Rangers.


Bobby Orr was famous for which aspect of game play?

Bobby Orr was a defensive dynamo, one who revoltionized the position of defenseman. He was also a prolific scorer, twice winning the Art Ross Trophy.


Steve Yzerman played his entire career with which team?

Hailing from Canada, Steve Yzerman played his entire career ('83 to '06) with the Detroit Red Wings. He's currently the manager of Tampa Bay.


Which player was a nine-time NHL MVP?

He played for two decades, and nine times, he was declared the league's MVP. It's unlikely that any player will ever top Wayne Gretzky's Hart Trophy haul.


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